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For those of you that haven’t already seen on social media… tickets for my new tour Sing My Heart Out 2017 have been released and are now on SALE!! Can you tell I’m excited haha?

Sam Bailey

Last week was obviously taken up by Chicago performances which have been going really well. Rave reviews are still coming in so we are all really motivated to keep up our enthusiasm and performances on stage.


Hi Everyone,

You’re getting a second blog this week from me you lucky things!

I wanted to write a quick one to thank you all so much for your support throughout the voting process of the Closer’s Celebrity Mum of the Year Award.


With Chicago in full swing my weeks are swamped! The show is getting better and better and I am still having the time of my life on the stage.


WOW! What an amazing few days I have had. Chicago officially opened on Friday at the Oxford New Theatre, and what a show it was, every single seat was taken and the audience were truly amazing and so supportive.