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Recording Studio Fun

The week started with a really inspirational trip to a charity called Rainbows Children’s Hospice.

The best day of Brooke’s life

Brooke loves lots of celebrities, she’s constantly talking about her favourite singers or movie stars. But one person who she has been talking about consistently for a long time is a girl called Zoella.

Exciting times ahead

So that’s a wrap on the theatre show! I am so sad it’s over but it was a truly amazing experience. I have always dreamed of standing on a West End stage, I always loved how at home and comfortable the cast look during their shows.

Work, Work, Work

This week my social calendar was cleared and every space filled and dedicated to my West End theatre show. I am absolutely loving it though, being able to blast out my favourite musical theatre numbers is a lot of fun.

Saddle Up

This week started off with another plane journey, but this time I had some great company with me. Hubby Craig, my good friend Kevin Cooper and Lee Latchford from Steps accompanied me on the trip.