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Work, Work, Work

This week my social calendar was cleared and every space filled and dedicated to my West End theatre show. I am absolutely loving it though, being able to blast out my favourite musical theatre numbers is a lot of fun.

Saddle Up

This week started off with another plane journey, but this time I had some great company with me. Hubby Craig, my good friend Kevin Cooper and Lee Latchford from Steps accompanied me on the trip.

Muddy Me

Being a mother/mother figure is hard, every mother can agree with me on this one right? Children are a joy and a gift, don’t get me wrong, I love my babies, but sometimes they can drive me round the bend.

Flying, Dancing and Singing

Had a fab week, full of fun!

What a Great Seven Days!

Last week got off to a flier when I had some brilliant news and moved a step closer to taking part in an exciting new project I’m keen to get my teeth into.